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Shaolin Showdown BM Season 1 as Clay | Numerous Clio/Kancil Submissions


If you're looking for a warm, friendly and assured male voice, I might be able to help! Primarily an announcer, I also do a variety of accents, proudest of which would be my Japanese, Hong Kong and Australian :) Also ask for my Obama impersonation
Celcom Triple Take (ENG Announcer) A series of ads I did for celcom in three different announcer voices. First emo, then Happy, then action Mr. Trailer.
DiGi BM "I Like Baharu" (ANNCR) A short ad done in BM. My younger voice
Home Recording I record at home with a basic setup of an ATR2500 USB microphone. I charge RM150 for home recordings
Line TVC A more grown up voice, now in BM!
LINE TVC ENG An emotive read i did for a regional campaign for LINE - an instant messaging service. This ad aired in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Hong Kong
Maxis HOME (ANNCR) An ad i did in that Infographic friendly voice for a new broadband service.
McValue Lunch Prosperity Burger R30s (ANNCR) My typical announcer. I can also do Mr. Trailer!
MDEC SME BFM (BM ANNCR) An ad I did for BFM this year. English and BM
Motor Trader Magazine F1 promo (CARacter) Me imitating F1 sounds
Nandos Perivolution (Afrikaaan Dictator) An ad i did that ran in Malaysia and Singapore for Nando's. I was playing General Kenako, addressing the world on the oppression of bland food.

Very good fun! Thanks to 2am!
Singing for Superbar Singing with my now defunct band, Superbar. Two songs edited together here - Worth a Bet and Same Way I Do. Incidentally, for jingles, I charge RM20/sec for up to three point harmonies.PS: Album CDs Available for only RM10!
A sloth (i think) Character work - a kinda slow big cat? I honestly can't remember who I did this for ahahah
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