Previous Project / Experience

Digi (Fuse)
P1 (Fuse)
Cadbury (Jia)
Listerine "Chicken Soup" (Betarecs)
Ministry of Health "Aedes Awareness" (Imaginex)
Dynamo Powder (Fuse)
Digi Bubbletalk (Betarecs)
HP All-In-One Printer (Two AM)
The Curve "Mother's Day" (Betarecs)
Dutch Lady (Two AM)
TM (Imaginex)
Celcom X-Pax (Imaginex)
Malaysia International Fashion Week 2007 (Soundwork)
Huggies (Two AM)
CIMB Clicks (Imaginex)
RHB Bank "EZ Rewards" (AMP)
MAA Motor Club (Incognito)
Maxis Hotlink "Virtual World" (Wasp)


Calm (English) no description available
Friendly (Malay) no description available
KFC Sawadee 1 Thai-accented English
KFC Sawadee 2 Thai-accented English
Next Quest Young Teen
Hogie Mother
Perky (English) no description available
Origanimals Young Woman
The Forks Wife
FooDoo Young Boy
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