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Ensure Gold, Mac Donald's, Calsi Yam, KFC, Shield Tox, Snickers, Head & Shoulders, Kopiko LA Coffee, 100 Plus, Brands 8TV News Breaker...

Radio Ad:
Lincoln Uni, Rock Will, U Mobile, Am Bank, KFC, Ladyship, Cadware, Eu Yan Sang, Spritzer Tinge, Proton Suprima S, TM, Tomei, Samsung, Sun Lico, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Manipal College, MMU...

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Toshiba Microwave Oven, NH Oat Plus 26...




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1 Oldtown White Coffee (Australia Radio Ad)
2019 Maggi Radio Ad
2019 Snekku radio ad
BH Petrol
Cuckoo Gaba Rice TVC jingle Singing
Ensure Gold TVC
Maggi TVC
Old town White Coffee Radio Ad (Australia)
Proton Road Show 2014 Radio Ad
Ribena TVC
Sample 1 no description available
Sample 2 no description available
Sample 3 no description available
Soda Green Concert Radio Ad
Travel Smarter Radio Ad
Traveloka TVC 1 As announcer
Traveloka TVC 2 As announcer
Traveloka TVC 3
Traveloka TVC 4 As announcer
Traveloka TVC 5 As announcer
Traveloka TVC 6
Traveloka TVC 7
Uniten radio ad
Water Filter Radio Ad
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Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s

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谢松汎 Xiè Sōngfàn|Songfan Seah|Seah Song Fan|Song-fan Seah A Professional VO artiste/Voice Actor since 2001, and VG member since 2004, Songfan was elected as Vice President 【2018】 and has been elected as President of VGM continuously for TWO terms 【2019-2021 & 2021-2023】. Known for his WARM-SENSUAL-BASSY yet CRYSTAL-CLEAR voice, which is a rare & sought-after VO quality especially amongst Mandarin choices of voices, Songfan is naturally a bass-baritone with bright upper range. He offers varieties of style, with ranges of voices, from bright to dark, sensual to sexy, straight to dramatic, calm to warm. Age of voice could vary from 20 to 80 year-old. To date, he has voiced for almost 4000 commercials, and he's been the SIGNATURE VOICE for many international & local brands. Involvement in various related yet different areas, since 2000, has given Songfan an edge in the industry. From audio engineer/sound designer to translator/writer/copywriter, from VO supervision to VO & Vocal talent, from radio drama voice actor to musical theatre/theatre play performer, from TV actor to TV host of various TV programs, from a passionate & constant learner/observer/sharer to a coach. Songfan still finds himself motivated and passionate with his work in the industry, and he is please to provide his service to help his clients get the best out of their invested projects. Songfan is also a certified NLP Practitioner and has participated T Harv Eker's TTT (Train The Trainer) which was conducted by the renowned Blair Singer. [Updated May 2023]