Previous Project / Experience

To date, he has voiced for almost 4000 commercials, and he's been the SIGNATURE VOICE for many international & local brands. Songfan was still an audio engineer cum sound designer (2000-2005) at 2 prominent studios in M'sia, while his VO & Jingle Vocal career started in 2001.

A Chinese mixed northern Baba-Nyonya M'sian, Songfan provides VO in:
1)Standard Mandarin/PutongHua【M'sia, S'pore, China & any Standard Mandarin markets】
2)English【M'sia, S'pore & any Asian markets】
3)Cantonese【HK & M'sia markets】
4)Hokkien【M'sia & S'pore markets】
5)Malay【Chinese/non-Malay accent】

Songfan is also a musical theatre performer, performed locally and toured overseas. He has multiple TV drama series' leading roles under his belt too.

• Audio Commercials
Adidas, 100 Plus, Red Bull, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Perodua, Proton, Isuzu, Goodyear, Air, Telekom, TM Net, Hotlink, DiGi Prepaid, DiGi, Celcom Prepaid, Nutox, OXY, Tiger Balm, J & J, Organics Shampoo, Lipton Tea, McDonald’s, KFC, Fernleaf, LG, Ambank, Taylor’s College, British Council, Sunway Lagoon, etc…
Brands Essence, TM Broadband - Streamyx, Panasonic, KFC, DiGi, Celcom, etc…
Bursa, Mega Careers, Petronas, etc

• Visual Commercials
L’Oreal, Canon Pixma, Coca-cola, KFC, McDonald’s, Hotlink, Celcom Prepaid, DiGi Prepaid, Panasonic, Nippon, Darlie, Breeze, Halls, Clorets, Justea, Lady’s Choice Peanut Butter, Kodomo Lion Toothpaste, Uncle Sun, etc…
Olympus OM-D, Trivago (HK), Bonuslink, etc…
Coway, Xiao Mi, Ah Huat, Tropicana Edelweiss, LG, Jotun, Lazada, Shiseido, Philips, etc
Minyak Cap Buruh, F&N, etc

• Infomercials
Nokia N Series, Celcom 3G, Aowa Electrical, etc…
Lam Soon Natural Oil, Aowa Electrical, Maxis, etc…
Prudential, Faster Checkins, Allianz, Shopplus, etc

• Documentaries & Corporate Video
Cheras Sering Bangalow, DC Organic, etc…
Kadyn Water Filter, Healthcare product, etc
Sunway, Huashi, Kuencheng, Samanea, etc

Songfan is also a Voice Actor for Mandarin radio dramas at M'sian National Radio Station (RTM) -- Ai FM (Chinese Station), like:
• A Festive of Forgiveness
• Love in 1963
• Starlight
• Love You Till I Die
• 2005 Lunar New Year drama series:Mandarin Orange
• It All Begins in a Closet
• Football Fever
• etc…

Theater performances:
• "Above Full Moon" the musical【Mandarin/Original Cast/premier in M'sia & S'pore/July-Aug 2004】
• "Butterfly Lovers" drama【Cantonese/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Oct 2004】
• "Siddhartha" & "Above Full Moon" musicals in concert【Mandarin/Original Cast/M'sia/May 2005】
• "Shakespeare: the Taming of the Shrew" Comedy【Cantonese/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/July-Aug 2005】
• "Perfect Circle" Drama & Dance【Mandarin/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/June 2006】
• "Butterfly Lovers" the musical【Mandarin/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Sep-Oct 2006】
• "Butterfly Lovers" the musical【Mandarin/Original Cast/tour to Genting, M'sia & Perth, Australia/Apr-June 2007】
• "Mystical Journey to Putuo Shan" the musical【English/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Aug 2007】
• "Jewel Of Tibet" the musical【Mandarin/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Mar 2008 & tour to Taiwan/Aug 2011】
• "I Have A Date With Spring" the musical【Mandarin & Cantonese/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Oct 2009 & tour to Perth, Australia/Mar 2010】
• "Follow The Light" the musical【English/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Dec 2010】
• "Xuan Zang" the musical【Mandarin & English/Original Cast/premier in M'sia/Dec 2014】

TV/Web drama series:
• "Tribulations of Life 浮生劫"【Mandarin/Featured Supporting/NTV7 M'sia/2010/by MediaCorp M'sia】
• "Code of Honour 正义武馆"【Mandarin/Featured Supporting/Channel 8 S'pore/2011/by MediaCorp M'sia】
• "In Laws 男婚女嫁"【Mandarin/Supporting/NTV7 M'sia/2013/by Double Vision M'sia】
• "Pianissimo 听风的歌"【Mandarin/Leading/NTV7 M'sia/2013/by Double Vision M'sia】
• "In Laws II 男婚女嫁 2"【Mandarin/Supporting/NTV7 M'sia/2014/by Double Vision M'sia】
• "Vengeance Code 复仇密码"【Mandarin/Leading/TV2 Malaysia/2015/by Trio Media Malaysia】
• "30 Ways to End a Single Life 30不单身"【Mandarin/Episodic Leading/ M'sia/2015/by Tonton M'sia】
• "Hua Hee Detective 侦+欢喜"【Hokkien/Episodic Leading/Astro AEC/2016/by Astro M'sia】
• "Original Sin 原生之罪"【Mandarin/Featured/iQiyi M'sia/2018/by iQiyi China】
• "Loving You 爱……没有距离"【Mandarin/Featured Supporting/Channel 8 S'pore & meWatch S'pore/2018/by MediaCorp S'pore & Double Vision M'sia】

[Updated May 2023]


Visit the links below for more samples:
his YouTube Channel:

Follow him on his social media pages too:
Other services Songfan & his team provide:
• Copywriting[Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien]
• Jingle Lyrics Writing[Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien]
• Copy Translation[English/Malay to Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien; Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien to English-basic-copy]
• Jingle Lyrics Translation[English/Malay to Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien]
• VO Supervision/Dubbing Direction
• Vocal Direction
• Talent Supervision[during production shooting]

Songfan has worked closely with some clients as a personal coach/trainer too. Clientele ranges from VOs/Singers/Actors, to Business Owners, CEOs & Corporate Staffs, in areas such as speech/diction/presentation skill/communication.

His Training:
• Diploma in Audio Engineering, Scool of Audio Engineering (SAE), M'sia【1999 - 2000】
• Vocal training by Paulway Chew in Encore School of Music, M'sia【2002 - 2005】
• Vocal training by the late Ms Lynette Wong Kwee Lan【2006 - 2010】
• Professional Broadcasting Mandarin diction class by Ms Chen Li Zhu【2007 - 2011】
• Theatre workshop by Mr.Pradit (Tua) Prasartthong [Makhampom] (from Thailand)【Apr 2008】
• Acting in drama workshop by Mr Zhu Hong Zhang 朱宏章(from Taiwan)【July 2008】
• Jacques Lcoq acting beginner workshop by Ms Ma Zhao Qi 馬照琪(from Taiwan)【Sep 2008】
• Drama & Acting workshop by Ms Ling Tang 邓壹龄 & Mr Loh Kok Man 罗国文【Nov 2009】
• Jacques Lcoq acting workshop by Ms Ma Zhao Qi 馬照琪(from Taiwan)【Sep 2010】
• "Le Jeu" Masterclass in Acting by Mr Philippe Gaulier(from France)【Aug 2012】
• "Train the Trainer" by Mr Blair Singer & Mr T. Harv Eker (from US)【S'pore, Aug 2016】
• "Unleash the Power Within" by Mr Anthony Robbins(from US)【Sydney, Sep 2017】
• "NLP Level 1" by Mr Lo Kok Siong【Jan-Oct 2020】

[Updated May 2023]
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (LR) sensual skincare announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (OTWC) sensual, young, casual, lifestyle announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (AG) super low manly fighter announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (CLCM) mid low tone, modern, uplifting, manly announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (MBCC) classy, inspiring, luxury car announce
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (MBEC) sensual, luxury, mature, luxury car announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (PRD) warm & caring, semi casual announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (TYT) macho, muscle car announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (Garn) bright, young, announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Commercial (SKM) KPop ambassador voice
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Corporate (CG) formal, pleasant, announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – TV Programme Promo (GP) modern, 文青, casual, announcer
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Corporate (FXG)
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Corporate (LCS)
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Corporate (HY)
Songfan Mandarin – VO – Game/VR Character (JW)
Songfan Mandarin – VO – InStore Announcement (ADDCHN) In-Store announcement in China
Songfan Mandarin – VO & VOX – Commercial & Corporate Two VO samples & Two VOCAL samples:
1) Mand announcer~hard hitting_motor vehicle commercial 2009
2) Mand Documentary/Corporate video~straight read_chemical product 2009
3) Mand vocal_groundnut jingle 2009
4) Mand vocal (partial)_f&b jingle 2009
Songfan Mandarin – VOX – Commercial (WC)
Songfan Mandarin – VOX & VO – Commercial (PD)
Songfan Hokkien/Mandarin/Cantonese – VOX – Commercial (CKCNY)
Songfan Mandarin/English – VOX – Commercial (CKASEAN)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (CW)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (XM01)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (XM02)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (SSD)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (TGES2)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (TGES1)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (PS9k)
Songfan English – VO – Corporate (DDT)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (LGLZJOLED)
Songfan English – VO – Corporate (SH)
Songfan English – VO – Commercial (JX)
Songfan Cantonese – VO – Commercial (WRWF)
Songfan Cantonese – VO – Commercial (STH)
Songfan Cantonese – VO – Commercial (WB)
Songfan Cantonese – VO – Commercial (Trailer02)
Songfan Cantonese – VO – Commercial (Trailer01)
Songfan Cantonese/Hokkien/English – VO – Commercial Six VO samples:
1) Canto character_health drink commercial 2006
2) Canto announcer~relaxed read_telco commercial 2008
3) Hokkien character~angry read_petrol CNY commercial 2004
3) Eng character~colloquial read_telco commercial 2004
4) Eng character~colloquial read_petrol commercial 2008
5) Eng announcer audition~sensual read_cosmetic commercial 2004
6) Eng announcer audition~relaxed read_f&b commercial 2004
Songfan Hokkien – VO – Commercial (EYSCNY)
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