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Including, but not limited to:

2021 - Bunga Raya by BATS Jingle
2021 - Watson's Brand #MestiNgam, #GerentiSuka campaign
2020 – Smart Secure Storage, radio commercial for Singapore radio
2019 – Sofitel Damansara, radio commercial for LiteFM
2019 – Jeremy Tok bespoke men’s tailor, web commercial
2018 – Grab, South East Asian regional TV commercial
2018 – Sofitel Damansara, radio commercial for LiteFM
2018 – Panasonic airconditioning, radio commercial for MyFM
2018 – Air Asia X to Melbourne, radio commercial for HitzFM
2018 – British commentator, Lee Chong Wei the movie
2017 – Everus AI voice recording for event
2017 – Trust Diamond by Poh Heng promotional video
2017 – Riviva Water Filter animation video
2016 - AirAsia Fathers’ Day promotional video
2015 – EcoWorld video advertisement
2015 – Benadryl campaign for McCann Erickson Singapore
2015 – MAS campaign for McCann Erickson Singapore
2014 – Bonia TV Commercial
2014 – CIMB video advert, Ramadan campaign
2014 – Orgacids promotional video for Sunzen Biotech Bhd
2014 – Air Asia Flex promotional video
2014 – Script for “Love-to-Dress” Corporate video – “Grace” by Terrence Malick
2014 – Epsom College Malaysia promotional video
2013 – Nippon Paint promotional video
2012 – Habib “Hearts On Fire” Diamond Campaign promotional video
2012 – Script for DLA Naturals MLM Company
2011 – Low Yat Sale in conjunction with Tourism Malaysia for Red FM
2011 – Moon’s Confinement Package radio advert for Red FM
2011 – 2 corporate training videos for Wipro Unza
2011 – Hatten Square Melaka Corporate Video
2010 – Acer radio advert for Red FM
2009 – Radio announcement H1N1 Campaign for Red FM
2009 – Corporate video for Tex Cycle Sdn Bhd
2009 – Renew Skincare Australia radio advert for Red FM
2009 – Samsung C5212 radio advert for Red FM
2009 – Red Eagle cooking oil radio advert, Red FM
2009 – Llumar Window Tint radio advert, LiteFM & MyFM, Malaysia
2009 – 62nd St Magazine Corporate Video, Malaysia
2009 – SKII Training Video, Malaysia
2008 – Fire Safety Video, SIBKL, Malaysia
2008 – SKII Animation Video, Malaysia
2008 – Nexbis Corporate Video, Malaysia
2007 – Corporate Video, Hospis Malaysia
2007 – “Skor Yeop Skor” – Perak FA motivational song
2006 – Introducer for Prima Events and Music sample CD
2006 – F1 Sepang circuit pitch (successful), Malaysia
2006 – Chemistry lessons, Ministry of Education, Malaysia

2004 – Prime Time Investigates, Special Edition (Voiceover for national TV), Ireland


Greetings! How can I speak for you?
American accent character voice
British Accent no description available
Bunga Raya jingle Laid back jazzy style jingle for a Malaysian food delivery service
Habib Hearts on Fire Campaign
Irish American accent hard sell no description available
Light English accent no description available
Malaysian accent character
My Catstagram Malaysian cat character
Scoldy/naggy character voice
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Songfan Seah| Xie Songfan|谢松汎 Xiè Sōngfàn|Seah Song Fan|Song-fan Seah Highly sought-after for his WARM-SENSUAL-BASSY yet CRYSTAL-CLEAR voice, which is a rare VO quality especially amongst Mandarin choices of voices, Songfan offers varieties of style, ranges from bright to dark, sensual to sexy, straight to dramatic, calm to warm. Age of voice covers the range from 20 to 80 year-old. With his versatility, he has now over 4000 commercial VOs under his belt, and he’s been the SIGNATURE VOICE for many international & local brands too. A Professional VO artiste/Voice Actor since 2001, and VG member since 2004, Songfan was elected as Vice President 【2018】 and has been elected as President of VGM continuously for TWO terms 【2019-2021 & 2021-2023】. Songfan's diverse experience in the industry has given him an edge, including: 1)audio engineering/sound designing 【2000-2005】 2)radio drama/voice acting【2001-current】 3)translation/writing/copywriting【2002-current】 4)musical theatre performance【2004-2014】 5)screen acting【2011-current】 6)VO supervision/dubbing director/dramaturg【2014-current】 7)corporate coaching & voice related coaching【2015-current】 Songfan still finds himself motivated and passionate with his work in the industry, and he is please to provide his service to help his clients get the best out of their invested projects. Songfan is also a certified NLP Practitioner and has participated T Harv Eker's TTT (Train The Trainer) which was conducted by the renowned Blair Singer. [Updated Jan 2024]