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Voice Over for TVC/ Radio/ New Media:

KFC, Mc Donald's, Subway, Pizza Hutz, Farm Fresh, Nestum, Yomeishu, Oishi, Teapot Gold, Taoke-noi, Lipton, Eu Yan Sang, Milo, Coca cola, Nestle, Sunsweet, Zespri Kiwi, Nescafe, V-soy, Lee Kum Kee, Spritzer, Biogreen & etc

Paper One, My Diamond, Tomei, Kangaroo & etc

Rexona, Sunsilk, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence Caitlyn
Downy, Dynamo, Vanish, Dettol, Antabax, Hurix, Redoxon, GOOBAT, Rohtocool
Vaseline, Sofy, Hanuol, Laneige, Estee Lauder, B-Liv, Nano white, Clean & clear, Skin Renew, Elken, Veet & etc

Digi, U Mobile, Maxis, Yes 4G, XOXO, Celcom, Kakao Talk, MPUPU, Webe & etc

Parkroyal, Paramount, White Horse Ceramic, Daikin, Silverstone, Ford Ecosport, Panasonic, Hitachi, Mitsubishi & etc

Genting, Ambank, Takaful, Etiqa, PERKESO, Women N Care, IUMW, IUKL, Kad Ceria, Astro Go, Go Shop, Mega Home Expo, Mom & Baby Expo...

- Yakult (BM)
- Today's Baby Expo (BM, Chi, Eng)
- Go shop CNY TVC musical (Chi)
- Canon Buy DSLR Free Selphy "You Complete Me" (Chi)
- Mopiko TVC (Chi)

Voice Prompt/ Public Service Announcement

- Genting TRheme Park, Singapore
- Samsung Call Centre IVR - BM, English, Mandarin
- AEON Call Centre IVR - BM, English, Mandarin
- U Mobile Call Centre IVR - Mandarin
- Webe Call Centre IVR - Mandarin
- Forever Living IVR - BM , English, Mandarin
- Kim Lun Corporation IVR
- Abinary Hauz Alarm System Voice Prompt - Mandarin & English
- Genting Arena of Star PSA - Mandarin
- Sunway Themepark Greeting - Mandarin
- Hak Kanak Kanak PSA (Bahasa Melayu)

Let's create more astounding and memorable contents for the audiences.


Voice Over Artiste - Alana Sim 沈诗芳
Mandarin_Character & Announcer_Rexona TVC Blooming from the inside out Announcer
Mandarin_Warm_KFC Celebration Bucket 2023 Warm and Comfortable
Mandarin_Sunshine & Energetic_Pizza Hut Alana Sim - Brand new Jam Packed Pizza Hut TVC 30s
Mandarin_Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum 2022 Character and Versatile Announcer
Mandarin_Narrative Style 3
Mandarin_Narrative Style 1
Mandarin_Announcer_Dettol Instant Cool Firmed and Strong without losing the feminine
Mandarin_Warm & Sporty_KFC Egg Crunch 2023 Warm and Comfortable with energy
Mandarin_Announcer_Enfagrow_TVC Clean and Confident
Mandarin_Young & Soft_Sofy Comfort Nite Sofy Comfort Nite
Mandarin_Sweet_Downy_Role play_First role Character Young Couple
Mandarin_Cute animated character_Downy Tiny Tan Cute animated voice
Mandarin_Character & Playful_Rohto Cool Character Voice for a fun and animated eyeball
Mandarin_Hopeful & Fresh_Tropicana Alana Sim - Tropicana 开启愉快的一天 TVC - Mandarin
Mandarin_Young and Vibrant Announcer_Sunsilk Alana Sim - Sunsilk TVC 15s - Flamenco
Mandarin_Mid_Lotus CNY
Mandarin_Rap Fun and playful characters play
Mandarin_Rap_Lotus CNY 2022
Mandarin_Young Character_Milo Alana Sim - Milo Kosong Radio 30s - Mandarin
Mandarin_Expressive Character_Hair Alana Sim - Hair Soft & Smooth! with giggles... If you like other laughing or giggling effects, I would be more than happy to present it to you. :)
Mandarin_Fun & Playful Announcer _Digi Alana Sim - Voice Over for DiGi Prepaid Mobile Internet
Mandarin_ Young Cheerful character_五加皮酒 Alana Sim as 蓉儿 in Product Video Full version with visual can be view from
English_Announcer_Sushi King
English_Young Sensational touch_Dunlop
English_Character Voice sample New Talking Teddy
English_Wonder Pants Diapex TVC Voice Prompt and Penguin
BM_Ann & Char Announcer & Character play
Cantonese Sample 01
Hokkien_Character Play Ah Gui's Ah Ma
Mandarin_jingle_Mopiko Mopiko TVC
mandarin_Jingle_Canon Canon Selphy Printer 2015_young daughter feel
English_Singing Happy Working Song
English & BM_Jingle_Mom&Baby Expo Today's Baby Expo
Mandarin_Narrative Style 2
English_Announcer_Lactel friendly
Alana's collection of showreel 2023_Mandarin
Alana's collection of showreel 2023_English
Alana's collection of showreel 2023_BM
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