Previous Project / Experience

Voice Over for TVC/ Radio/ New Media:

Sunsilk, Pantene, head & Shoulders, Herbal Essence Caitlyn, Diamond, Vanish, Dettol, Antabax...

Teapot Gold, KFC, Redoxon, Subway, Pizza Hutz, Yomeishu, Oishi, Teapot, Taoke-noi, Lipton, Eu Yan Sang, Milo, Coca cola, Nestle, Sunsweet, Zespri Kiwi, Nescafe, V-soy, Lee Kum Kee, Spritzer, Briogreen...

My Diamond, Tomei, Digi, U Mobile, Maxis, Yes 4G, XOXO, Celcom, Kakao Talk, MPUPU, Webe...

Laneige, Estee Lauder, B-Liv, Nano white, Clean & clear, Rexona, Skin Renew, Elken, Veet, Vaseline...

Paramount, White Horse Ceramic, Daikin, Silverstone, Ford Ecosport, Panasonic, Hitachi, Mitsubishi...

Genting, Ambank, Takaful, Etiqa, PERKESO, Women N Care, IUMW, IUKL, Kad Ceria, Astro Go, Go Shop, Mega Home Expo, Mom & Baby Expo...


- Today's Baby Expo
- Go shop CNY TVC musical
- Canon Buy DSLR Free Selphy "You Complete Me"
- Mopiko TVC

Voice Prompt/ Public Service Announcement

- Samsung Call Centre IVR - BM, English, Mandarin
- AEON Call Centre IVR - BM, English, Mandarin
- U Mobile Call Centre IVR - Mandarin
- Webe Call Centre IVR - Mandarin
- Forever Living IVR - BM , English, Mandarin
- Kim Lun Corporation IVR
- Abinary Hauz Alarm System Voice Prompt - Mandarin & English
- Genting Arena of Star PSA - Mandarin
- Sunway Themepark Greeting - Mandarin
- Hak Kanak Kanak PSA (Bahasa Melayu)

Let's create more outstanding and memorable contents for the audiences.


Voice Over Artiste - Alana Sim 沈诗芳
Alana_Chi_00_Announcer Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum TVC
Alana_Chi_01_Announcer Sofy Comfort Nite
Alana_Chi_-02_Character - voice for a fun and animated eyeball Rohto Cool Eye Drops TVC
Alana_Chi_03_Role play_First role Downy TVC
Alana_BM Character play - Doraemon and Nobita
Alana_Eng_03 Announcer - Sushi King
Alana_Eng_Singing Happy Working Song
Alana_Hokkien_Character Play Ah Gui's Ah Ma
Alana_character voice
Alana_Chi_Character_Tom and Jerry Sing and played Aloutetto
Alana_Chi_04_Young and Vibrant Announcer Alana Sim - Sunsilk TVC 15s - Flamenco
Alana_Chi_05-Chi_Encouraging Announcer Alana Sim - Tropicana 开启愉快的一天 TVC - Mandarin
Alana_Chi_06_Character Alana Sim - Milo Kosong Radio 30s - Mandarin
Alana_Chi_07_Sunshine & Energetic Announcer Alana Sim - Brand new Jam Packed Pizza Hut TVC 30s
Alana_Chi_08_Fun & Playful Announcer Alana Sim - Voice Over for DiGi Prepaid Mobile Internet
Alana_Chi_09_Chi_Young Announcer Alana Sim - Nanowhite Fresh TVC
Alana_Chi_10_Announcer Cheerful
Alana_Chi_11_Character & Announcer being vo for the 3 characters and announcer.
Alana_Chi_12_Character Alana Sim - Hair Soft & Smooth! with giggles... If you like other laughing or giggling effects, I would be more than happy to present it to you. :)
Alana_Chi_13_Character Alana Sim as 蓉儿 in Product Video Full version with visual can be view from
Alana_Chi_IVR sample
Alana_Eng_Wonder Pants Diapex TVC Voice Prompt and Penguin
Alana_BM_Ann & Char Announcer & Character play
Alana_Cantonese Sample 01 Well, I do speak cantonese but it just not as frequent as Mandarin, so my Cantonese may sound a little taste of "Hokkien", some people said. But I still enjoy doing it, so this is usually how my cantonese may sound like at this point of time.
Alana_Eng_01_Character Voice sample New Talking Teddy
Alana_Eng_02 - Announcer Education fair radio ads
Alana_Eng_03_Announcer Sample Only.
Alana_Jingle 01-Chi Mopiko TVC
Alana_Jingle 02 - Chi (Canon Selphy Printer) 2015Upon the request to sing like an amateur singer.
Alana_Jingle 03 - English & BM Today's Baby Expo
Alana_Chi_Diapex Easy TVC
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