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(Jingles ) Pantene, Digi (Mudah Sahaja prepaid) - 2012
Starbucks 2012
Apple "Siri" spoof "SeeWee" character 2012
Empire Shopping Gallery 2012
Air Asia 2012
Plus Highways 2012
Ministry of Health 2012
Lone Pine Hotel 2011
Nagomi Japanese Restaurant 2011
Digi 2011
Idol Kosmetik 2011
Hotlink win a car/mobile phone, Announcer (TVC), Nov09
Air Asia Visit Indonesia, Character, Aug09
Ford Agency Supermodel Search, Announcer, Aug09
Revive Isotonic Ramadhan - KFC promo (Eng & BM), Character, Aug09
Ramadhan at e@Curve, Announcer, Aug09
Michael Jackson Fiesta by Passions Magazine, Announcer, Aug09
Orchid Show Danga Bay, Announcer, Aug09
Persatuan Juru-Juru Gambar PP - Bripex, Announcer, Apr09
Befrienders Public Service Announcement, Announcer, Mar09
TYT Confinement Herbal Bath, Character, Mar09
MAA Assurance, Character, Jan01



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BM - ANNCR - Idol Kosmetik Beauty product
BM - CHARACTER Panasonic HLK no description available
BM - Jingle & ANNCR - Dr. Nano no description available
Eng ANNCR - Lone Pine Hotel no description available
Eng ANNCR - PSA Befrienders no description available
Eng ANNCR - Starbucks Cocoa Cappuccino no description available
Eng ANNCR energetic - Hennessy Live Artistry Conce no description available
Eng CHARACTER - mother & toothpaste no description available
Eng CHARACTERS - ACCENTS! no description available
JINGLE- Lux no description available
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