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Eu Yan Sang
MBF Lady Card
Funtasy Socca
Maybank Shopping Mania
Big Top Lollipop - TV3 Spongebob Squarepants promo
Gervenne Clear WhiteSweet Dolly - TV8 Gossip Girl promo
Philip Wain
Air Asia
Pizza Hut
Antabax Antibacteria Shower Cream
Fitness Concept
Jin Online
Dove Hairfall Therapy
Breeze Small and Mighty
Powerboat Corporate Video
Dialog Anak Wayang
Ogawa Mother's Day
Digital Mall Karnival Kamera Digital
Bank Muamalat
Sony Vaio and more

RC Cola
Halls candy
TC Boy Tuna
Kao Laurier
LG ArtCool Air-conditioner
York Air-conditioner
Suzuki ERV
Nutri Plus Eggs
Santan Harmuni
MBF Lady Card
British American Tobacco
Downy Anti-Bac Softener
Ajax Fabuloso
Darlie toothpaste
Matahari Shopping Complex - Indonesia
Kiss Mints - Indonesia
Caxon - Indonesia
Courts Mammoth
KTAK jingle
Carotino Cooking Oil
Smart Balance Cooking Oil
Ali Tea
Action Mobile
Apple3G Download - Indonesia
Horizon Hills
Life sauces
London Swiss Rolls
Oligo Coco
Canon Selphy
Big Top lollipop
Darry's WOW candy
Sri Aji
Star Cell
Tune Money Insurance
Kao Attack – Indonesia
Wah! Cunnya! Buatan Malaysia
Fruitale and more

• Voice for lead character, Iwan, Bola Kampung tv series (English dubbing)
• Voice for lead female character Aneesa in 'Saladin' (2010)
• Voice for lead female villain Velda in animated tv series 'Ivan's Thoughts'
• Voice for one of three lead characters, Cherry Berry in animated tv series 'ABC Monsters' (2009)
• Voice for lead character, Heru, in action-adventure video game, 'Hidden Dawn'
• Voice for supporting character, Kimiko, 'Xiaolin Showdown' (Malay dubbing)
• Voice for supporting characters Rahul, Pinky and teacher in animated feature 'Balla Bowl' (2010)
• Voice for supporting character, Ling Ling, in animated tv series, 'Super Panda' (2011)
• Voice for supporting character, Heather the Hen in animated movie, ‘SeeFood’ (2012)
• Additional voice in animated 3D movie , ‘War of the Worlds : Goliath’ (2012)
• Voice of supporting character, Dilly, and various characters in Doodleville (2013)
• Voice for supporting character, Nasha, in animated 3D movie, ‘Bola Kampung The Movie’ (2013)
• Voice for supporting character, Sam’s Mom and various characters in ‘Foodoo’ (2015 – current)
• Voice for Luna & various supporting characters in Korean animations ‘Galaxy Kids’ and ‘The Forks with Spiky Hands’ (English dubbing) (2015 – current)
* Voice for Tory in Boing the Play Ranger (BM dub)
* Voice for Agent Aliya & Agent Dayang in Ejen Ali The Movie (Eng Dub) (2019)
* Filled in as Mommy for Omar & Hana (Season 4 Eng dub) Singing "The Night of the Decree" & "The Quran is our Friend" (2021)


Hope you like what you hear! :) If you do, please send a text or Whatsapp for a more prompt response. Thanks!

For even more samples than the ones below, do check out my YouTube channel by clicking on the YT icon (below my phone number)
(ENG) A & W Extra Long Coney Dog ad Character - As excited news reporter
(ENG) Allianz Road Rangers ad Announcer
(ENG) Brickfields Asia College ad on Spotify Announcer - upbeat, happy
(ENG) Burger King - Satay dialogue Character - Grandaughter, local English
(ENG) Case Study for awards Narrator - Casual
(ENG) Celcom HD Voice online video Narrator - friendly, casual, explainer
(ENG) Corntoz dialogue Character - Annoying, clingy girlfriend
(ENG) CORPORATE VIDEO - Pediasure internal marketing Announcer
(ENG) CORPORATE VIDEO - Powerboat Narrator - Young, enthusiastic, high-energy, animated
(ENG) CORPORATE VIDEO - Shell Narrator - corporate read
(ENG) Demo script 1 Announcer - Happy, excited
(ENG) Demo Script 2 Character - Teenage daughter & mother / dialogue
(ENG) Demo Script 3 Announcer - warm, friendly
(ENG) FoodPanda ad Announcer - Cheerful, excited
(ENG) Happy International Volunteer Day online video Narrator - soft, melancholy, tender read
(ENG) Harvey Norman Fabulous 10 2016 ad dialogue Character - Wife (Husband/Announcer - Rodney)
(ENG) Hitachi fridge ad for Indonesia Character - French brie cheese, animated (Salmon - Rodney)
(ENG) Hotel Maluri CNY Promo 2016 ad dialogue Character - Kan cheong Chinese Mother (Son - John Oomen)
(ENG) Ikea ad dialogue Character - Perempuan (Lelaki - Along)
(ENG) Mamee Monster ad Announcer - young, enthusiastic, animated
(ENG) Morinaga Chilkid ad Character - grandmother, local English
(ENG) Ogawa Mother's Day ad Character - first-time mother. Sombre read, local English.
(ENG) OSK Property ad Announcer - calm, warm read
(ENG) Petronas Energy Park ad Character - Computer/GPS/Siri style (Male - Steven Bones)
(ENG) PruValue Gain online video 1 mins snippet Narrator - friendly, warm, explainer
(ENG) PSA on Self Defense Narrator - suspenseful to animated
(ENG) Sharp ad Reverse, jumbled speak (Announcer - Rodney)
(ENG) Sunway Medical Centre online video snippet Storyteller
(ENG) Toppen Merdeka Sale ad Character - Newsreader who gets excited about sale in the end
(ENG) U-Mobile ad Character - show host, excited
(ENG) SPOKEN WORD Harapan song Emotional, inspiring, positive. An original poem written by yours truly for the song Harapan as part of a collaboration. Full song can be found on YouTube
(ENG) VOICE PROMPT - Philip Wain Voice Prompts - Smooth, warm, calm read
(ENG) VWA Cellular Water ad Announcer
(ENG) JINGLE - Ajinomoto Recorded at Incognito, this jingle was used for a TVC..
(ENG) JINGLE - Berry C Vocals and announcer
(ENG) JINGLE - Celcom First Gold Vocals
(ENG) JINGLE - KDSM Corporate song Vocals
(ENG) JINGLE - Teapot Vocals and announcer
(ENG) JINGLE - Zalora Big Fashion Sale Vocals and announcer excited read
(BM) Anniqh Gold dialogue Happy character (Male - Bel Ngasri)
(BM) BSN Kuching Happy 2016 online video Character - Miss Rose, British 4:04 on
(BM) BSN Kuching Happy 2016 online video Character - Miss Poodle, French Malay accent 0:32 on
(BM) Corntoz dialogue Character - Annoying, clingy girlfriend, local English
(BM) Corporate Video CIDB Announcer
(BM) CP Chicken Roll ad dialogue Character - Mak (son played by Zinedinne)
(BM) E-MODULE sample Narrator - corporate read
(BM) Facon Edufair Outstation 2015 Announcer
(BM) Harvey Norman Fabulous 10 2016 dialogue Character - Isteri
(BM) Humanitarian Mission to Palu Narrator - soft, melancholy, tender read
(BM) Ikea ad dialogue Character - Girl (Guy - Along)
(BM) Inhanna Raya ad Narrator - calm, warm, soothing
(BM) KWC Fashion Mall ad - dialogue Character - isteri
(BM) Milo Adults ad Character - inner voice, motivated, spirited, semangat
(BM) One Living ad dialogue Character - wife (Husband played by Azman)
(BM) - Sime Darby dialogue Character - Anak perempuan / announcer
(BM) Subaru ad dialogue Character - secretary (Boss & Announcer - Sharizan)
(BM) - Susu Irfan ad dialogue Character - Mother
(BM) JINGLE - Ajinomoto Vocals
(BM) JINGLE - Astro Ceria Channel ID Recorded at White Noise Studio...
(BM) JINGLE - Celcom First Gold Vocals
(BM) JINGLE Scotchbrite Raya ad dialogue Vocals and character isteri (happy) (Suami - Sharizan)
(BM) - JINGLE - Teapot Vocals and announcer
(BM) JINGLE - Zalora Big Fashion Sale Vocals and announcer excited read
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Songfan Seah| Xie Songfan|谢松汎 Xiè Sōngfàn|Seah Song Fan|Song-fan Seah Highly sought-after for his WARM-SENSUAL-BASSY yet CRYSTAL-CLEAR voice, which is a rare VO quality especially amongst Mandarin choices of voices, Songfan offers varieties of style, ranges from bright to dark, sensual to sexy, straight to dramatic, calm to warm. Age of voice covers the range from 20 to 80 year-old. With his versatility, he has now over 4000 commercial VOs under his belt, and he’s been the SIGNATURE VOICE for many international & local brands too. A Professional VO artiste/Voice Actor since 2001, and VG member since 2004, Songfan was elected as Vice President 【2018】 and has been elected as President of VGM continuously for TWO terms 【2019-2021 & 2021-2023】. Songfan's diverse experience in the industry has given him an edge, including: 1)audio engineering/sound designing 【2000-2005】 2)radio drama/voice acting【2001-current】 3)translation/writing/copywriting【2002-current】 4)musical theatre performance【2004-2014】 5)screen acting【2011-current】 6)VO supervision/dubbing director/dramaturg【2014-current】 7)corporate coaching & voice related coaching【2015-current】 Songfan still finds himself motivated and passionate with his work in the industry, and he is please to provide his service to help his clients get the best out of their invested projects. Songfan is also a certified NLP Practitioner and has participated T Harv Eker's TTT (Train The Trainer) which was conducted by the renowned Blair Singer. [Updated Jan 2024]