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Kodomo lion, Eu Yan Sang, Xpax, Oreo, Jotun, Matrix, Milo, Kodex, Greenland




Voice Categories

Announcer Character


CalCium (Cantonese) Act in different mood, from kid to grandfather and mother
English - KWC shopping mall playful chracter
Entopia (English) cute and smooth delivery
Mandarin radio ad- libress 演绎少女的烦恼
Mandarin radio ad- Morinaga acted out the cartoon Character Tora - Happy , friendly and cute delivery
Mandarin-Massimo 俏皮、互动的呈现方式
MTT (Cantonese) cute and vibrant conversation
Naturel (Cantonese) 深情演绎这个情绪起伏比较大的角色,考验演技之作
Padu act as a small kid in this ad
PTPTN (Mandarin) recorded in 2016
Samsung (Cantonese) recoreded in 2016
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