Previous Project / Experience

Numerous VO's, PSA's, CSA, Commercials, etc for Traxx fm

Previous News reader for Traxx Fm (5 years)

Current Announcer for Traxx fm (10 years)

Astro Tutor Tv Animation (SPM) Season 1 and 2 50 episodes

Downy perfume Ad

Febreeze Raya 2012 Ad

Showdown TV show Intro/Outro

The voice of Sepang International Circuit Broadcast for F1 and MotoGp for the last 10 years.






Voice Categories

Voice Prompt Announcer Character


Mobster Husky I reckon you'd sound like this if you smoked 3 packs a day
Narrator Deeper voice narration of a character
Shahrizan Ferouz Hassan 01 Dave's chicken
Shahrizan Ferouz Hassan 02 Dax 5 sports
Shahrizan Ferouz Hassan 03 Announcer Sample
Starbucks Radio promo for Starbucks
Starbucks Radio promo for Starbucks
Voice of Stitch Ohana means family
Warcraft 3 Rifleman Also Known as Dwarven sniper in DOTA
Yoda Star Trek What if Yoda was a Vulcan?
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