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Recorded for over 50 aired Radio Commercials and Campaigns. Here are just some of them:

- Raku XPAX, Radio Commercial, Jun17
- KFC, Radio Commercial, Jun17
- Nestle Wellness, Radio Commercial, Apr17
- Inti Teachers Day, Social Media Video, Apr17
- University Malaya Edu. Carnival, Radio Commercial, Mar17
- European Union 60th Anniversary, Event Video, Mar17
- Brickfields Asia College, Radio Commercial, Nov16
- Spritzer Tinge (BM & ENG), Radio Commercial, Aug16
- San Francisco Coffee, Radio Commercial, Feb15
- The Script concert, Radio Commercial, Feb15
- True Fitness, Radio Commercial, Feb15
- Chatime, Radio Commercial, Jan15
- Lisa Surihani Groupon Campaign, Radio Commercial, Dec14
- Sunway Lagoon, Radio Commercial, Oct14
- TGV Cinema, Radio Commercial, Sept14
- Wendy's, Radio Commercial, Aug14
- Pizza Hut, Radio Commercial, July14

I also emcee occasionally and manage artists & personalities with MTalent Asia :)


Hi I'm Manisha JM! What you see (and hear!), is what you get; bubbly, energetic and optimistic. I started doing voiceovers for Groupon merchants in mid-2014 and took a break in March-2015 to focus on building my talent management agency - . It's going well and now I'm back actively recording VOs for commercials & campaigns. Checkout some of my work below and I look forward to recording with you soon :)
BM - Selangor MATTA Islamic Travel Fair Marketing Video
ENG - Ah Yat Dim Sum Promotion (accent - local) Radio Commercial
ENG - Bavarian Bierhaus Oktoberfest (announcer - excited) Radio Commercial
ENG - Outback Steakhouse Groupon deal (accent - American) Radio Commercial
ENG - Pizza Hut Raya Promotion (character - teenager) Radio Commercial
ENG - San Francisco Coffee (announcer - conversational) Radio Commercial
ENG - Shogun Buffet (announcer - cute) Radio Commercial
ENG - Sunway Lagoon Halloween (announcer - dramatic) Radio Commercial
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