Previous Project / Experience

- Education Fair 升学教育展, TV comm on Astro, yearly since 2018
- Netflix Mandarin mini series , Voice Dubbing for XiaoYu, Jan2020
- Others: Aiken Product Video 2022, Ayamas CNY Comm 2022, Watsons TV Comm 2017, Kinohimitsu Radio Ad, MyNutriBaby Edu Video, Emtrix Product Video, Agroharta Corp Video


Voice it out! :)
Kinohimitsu Clear Activ-Canto-Radio1 Client: KinohimitsuLanguage: Cantonese (2 versions)Types of Ad: RadioLength: 30'VO1: SumiVO2: Siew Thung
Kinohimitsu Clear Activ-Canto-Radio2 Client: KinohimitsuLanguage: Cantonese (2 versions)Types of Ad: RadioLength: 30'VO1 (Sumi)VO2 (Siew Thung)
TST_Sample1_Cantonese Informative, energetic, positive
TST_Sample2_Mandarin Young, high pitched, energetic, bubbly, conversational
TST_Sample3_Mandarin Smooth, cultured, relax, sexy
TST_Sample5_Cantonese Informative, energetic, positive
TST_Sample5_English I like playing different characters with my voice. Hope you will find me suitable for a job of yours! :)
TST_SingingSample Looking for a talent for jingles? Here's a sample of my simple singing of the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 3 languages: English, Cantonese and Mandarin.
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