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Coca Cola Chinese New Year 'Festive' Malaysia & Singapore (TV, Digital)
Malindo In-Flight Safety Video (Announcement)
Toyota 'Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Step into Tomorrow' (Digital)
Netflix 'Money Heist Season 5' (Radio)
Grab Southeast Asia 'Daily' (Digital)
Milo 'Energizing Goodness' (Radio)
Pizza Hut 'New Hand Crafted Pizza - So Light, So Tasty' (Digital)
Pepsi Black 'Blackpink' (In-Store)
Nescafe Gold Flat White (Digital)
Hennessy 'Odyssey' ASMR (Digital)
Hotlink Postpaid 'RM1 Device' (Digital)
One Plus9 Launch Video (Virtual Event)
Aquaria KLCC (Radio)
Dermatix Singapore (Digital)
Snapask App (Digital)
Oppo Reno 5 (Digital)
Sofy Hadaomoi (Digital)

Greenpeace: Her Arctic Home (TV)
Huawei 'Valentines Day' (Digital)
Hong Leong Bank 'Malaysia Day 2020' (Digital)
IJM Land 'Merdeka 2020' (Digital)
Royal Canin Podcast Hosting: 'Jom Talk Pets!' Season 1 (Podcast)
Rejoice 'New White Strawberry Shampoo' (Digital)
Nestle Sales Rally Presentation Video (Corporate)
British Council Study UK Fair & Career Day (Radio)
Herbal Essence 'Botanist' (Digital)
Dynamo 'Dynamite' (Digital)
Hotlink Postpaid Vivo Y11 (Digital)
Astro Go 'Stream & Win' (Digital)
L'Oreal Extraordinary Floral Oil (Digital)

Malaysia Airlines Berhad 'Malaysian Hospitality' (TVC)
Celcom 'Gamers' (TVC)
Rejoice Shampoo (TVC)
AirAsia X (Radio)
Nescafe Rose Latte (TVC)
British Council Study UK Fair (Radio)
Strongbow CNY Campaign (ASMR interactive website)
Singapore Airlines (Radio)
Alliance Bank 'Finance Made Simple' (Radio)
Pantene 'Braids of Strength' (Online)
Public Bank 'Gift of Love' (Event)
MSU College (Radio)
MSIG (Product video)
UChat 'Songkran Day Out' (Online)
University of Southampton (Radio)
Chipsmore (TVC)


My range of vocal tone is diverse, and have listed as fully as possible in this showreel. More references can be found in my Youtube playlist. Customized demos are chargeable upon request; please refer to the 'Rates' page of this website. Thank you!
1. Yes Broadband (Warm, Calm, Comforting, Friendly)
2. Foodpanda (Fresh, High-pitched, Young, Fun, Energetic)
3. Kellogg's (Bright, Warm, Motherly)
4. Rejoice Shampoo Mood 1 (Cool, Confident)
5. Rejoice Shampoo Mood 2 (Dark, Sultry, Assertive, Smooth)
6. AirAsia (Teenager, Young, Conversational, Friendly)
7. Sexual Harassment (Corporate, Formal, Serious)
8. Pantene (Emotional, Inspiring, Motivational)
9. Zenyum (Young Adult, Casual, Sassy, Attitude)
10. Netflix Money Heist (Strong, Hushed, Powerful, Foreboding)
11. Little Ralphie (Child / Teen Male Character, Husky, Cool, Educational, Cartoon)
12. Little Bunny (Cartoon, Cute, Fun, Happy)
13. Hennessy (ASMR)
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