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OkCupid India 2019 (English)
Malaysia Airlines 2019 (Tamil)
Domino's Pizza 2019 - Voice Acting (English)
Astro Corporate Explainer Animatic Video 2019 (English)
CPF Singapore 2018 (English)
Celcom Kids Safe (English)
Pacific & Orient Insurance 2018 (Tamil)
Courts (Tamil)
PIAM (Tamil)
Cyberjaya University College (Tamil)
Perkeso (Tamil)
Tesco (Tamil)
Al Jazeera 101 East - news story (English)
Al Jazeera Docu 2016 (English)
ASTRO IVR 2016 (Tamil)
SIDREC Infomercial (Tamil)
Malindo Air 2015 (Tamil)
Majlis Perbandaran P. Pinang (Tamil)
Hypp TV Deepavali TVC (English)
ASTRO India Beat Ch 867 Casual Announcer (English)
ASTRO Scholarship, VO (English)
Little India Jewelers(Tamil)
Ministry of Health - PSA - Video (Tamil)
Vitagen Animation Video 2015 (English)
THR Raaga Sweepers (Tamil)
Digi Oli Peruvom (Tamil)
ASTRO Vaanavil, "Vishu Mela" (English and Malayalam)
Prithvi Agarbathi (Tamil)



I am a multi-lingual vocalist, suitable for a variety of VOs (e.g. corporate, character, conversational, youthful etc). My singing engagements in India and Malaysia make me suited to voicing in Tamil. I've voiced and sung in Tamil (main/ solo vocal) for TV, online and radio commercials. English VOs are another notable specialty and I've voiced in English (various styles/ accents) suitable for use in both, regional as well as local projects.
Audio accompanying Informational video; informative, formal (TAMIL) Tamil Online Video Informercial
Casual, conversational (ENGLISH) English VO - Scholarship TVC
Character, cute (English) Sample from Little Red Riding Hood
Conversational, Excited (MALAY) Character (excited, fashionista PA)
Conversational, Relatable (MALAY) Commercial, dry
Cutesy, Kiddy, Character (TAMIL) Sample - Tamil Character VO
Energetic, youthful (TAMIL) Radio Commercial - TAMIL
Indian Accent (ENGLISH LANGUAGE) OkCupid, India
Informative, Casual (MALAY) Trivago sample script
Kollywood song sample (TAMIL) Tamil Song
Pleasant, warm (MALAY) Malay VO
Pleasant, warm, cheerful (TAMIL) Tamil New Year Greeting
Proud, Pleasant (Tamil) Malaysia Airlines 2019
Smooth, calming, pleasant (ENGLISH) English VO
Song and Greeting (Malayalam) Onam Festival Greeting
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Sharizan Borhan Servicing Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and Australia! Entertainer, Recording Artiste, Master of Ceremonies, Professional Voice Over Artiste, Jingle Artiste Malaysia's King Of Swing Sharizan made his debut on the local music scene when he represented Malaysia at the Asia Bagus talent search in 1993. The music industry took notice of his talent and awarded him the Best New Artist (Male) award at the prestigious Anugerah Industri Muzik (Malaysia’s equivalent of the Grammy Awards) in 1997 for his debut Malay pop/R&B album, HADIR. This was followed by the release of SAAT INI in 2003 where proceeds from the sale of the album were donated to various national NGOs. In the following years, Sharizan developed a love for the jazz and swing genre. He then launched his next album entitled TIMELESS in 2006, the first live recording of a jazz and swing album by a Malaysian artist in the country. The album also marked a decade of Sharizan’s involvement in the local entertainment industry. With TIMELESS, Sharizan pushed jazz and swing to the forefront of the Malaysian music industry. His unique interpretation of jazz standards and the hits of the 80s and 90s have led to numerous requests for him to perform at company dinners, product launches and events. Sharizan has also performed at the prestigious Sunrise Jazz Festival in 2006 and 2007 and at various entertainment outlets such as Avanti’s, Alexis, Bangkok Jazz and Top Room. in 2007, Sharizan added another feature in his cap when he was invited to perform in the UK in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th Merdeka Celebrations.The success of TIMELESS along with Sharizan’s interpretation of jazz and swing classics have earned him the title of Malaysia’s King of Swing! In addition to singing, Sharizan is well-known and much in demand as a radio and television host. He started his career in radio broadcasting in 2002 when he joined RED 104.9 FM and formerly heard on the popular radio station Lite FM every Sunday night on Swing Time (9pm till Midnight) as he spins timeless classics for his faithful listeners. Sharizan’s trademark voice makes him a popular choice as a jingle and voice-over talent for radio and television advertisements Being such a versatile talent, it’s no wonder Sharizan is also a much sought-after master of ceremonies for corporate functions and events throughout the country.
Songfan Seah| Xie Songfan|谢松汎 Xiè Sōngfàn|Seah Song Fan|Song-fan Seah Highly sought-after for his WARM-SENSUAL-BASSY yet CRYSTAL-CLEAR voice, which is a rare VO quality especially amongst Mandarin choices of voices, Songfan offers varieties of style, ranges from bright to dark, sensual to sexy, straight to dramatic, calm to warm. Age of voice covers the range from 20 to 80 year-old. With his versatility, he has now over 4000 commercial VOs under his belt, and he’s been the SIGNATURE VOICE for many international & local brands too. A Professional VO artiste/Voice Actor since 2001, and VG member since 2004, Songfan was elected as Vice President 【2018】 and has been elected as President of VGM continuously for TWO terms 【2019-2021 & 2021-2023】. Songfan's diverse experience in the industry has given him an edge, including: 1)audio engineering/sound designing 【2000-2005】 2)radio drama/voice acting【2001-current】 3)translation/writing/copywriting【2002-current】 4)musical theatre performance【2004-2014】 5)screen acting【2011-current】 6)VO supervision/dubbing director/dramaturg【2014-current】 7)corporate coaching & voice related coaching【2015-current】 Songfan still finds himself motivated and passionate with his work in the industry, and he is please to provide his service to help his clients get the best out of their invested projects. Songfan is also a certified NLP Practitioner and has participated T Harv Eker's TTT (Train The Trainer) which was conducted by the renowned Blair Singer. [Updated Jan 2024]