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(Currently UNAVAILABLE for bookings)

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(Currently UNAVAILABLE for bookings)

Oh hi there!
If you need more info or VO samples, feel free to contact me.
I have a full professional recording setup at home.
1) ENG - Announcer - Smooth, low-toned, deep Smooth, calm and pleasant read for Heaven & Earth.
11) BM - Manja, complaining girlfriend character A funny & "whiny" character read for KFC's Tokyo Black Pepper Mushroom radio commercial.I'm the second voice in this commercial.
2) ENG - Announcer - Confident Confident announcer read for Colgate.
3) ENG - Announcer - Calm, young mother Young mom read for NH NutriGrains.
4) ENG - Announcer - Smooth, flamboyant read Smooth, cheerful announcer read for Gurney Plaza's French Flamboyance radio commercial.
5) ENG - Young, high energy, chirpy Excited, chirpy, fast read for Baskin Robbins' Happy 8 radio commercial.Yummy!
6) ENG - Friendly, conversational Friendly, young and conversational read for U Mobile's Surprise App explainer video. :)
7) ENG - Teenager, energetic, cheerful Young, teenage, high energy read for Hotlink
8) ENG - Character - Witch Funny, spooky, witchy character read.Ridiculous wicked laugh included.
9) BM - Cheerful, friendly character Cheerful, bright, happy character read as a KFC cashier for KFC's Super Jimat Box Rice Wrap radio commercial.
9) BM - Young, energetic Energetic character read for Domino's.
9a) BM - Dramatic, cheeky character Fun, cheeky character for KFC's Bucket Ria radio commercial.
9b) BM - Calm, happy read Smooth & happy character read for Whisper's Cottony Clean Yoga TVC.
Kid Boy & Girl Animation Voices - American & British English 1) Young Boy - Nervous, scaredy cat, squeaky, animation character read (American English) 2) Young Girl - Smarty pants, helpful, cheerful, animation character read (British English) 3) Young boy - Brave, adventurous, animation character read (American English)
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