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AIA, Hilton, DiGi, Focus Point, Gintell, Hong Leong, Hotlink, Huawei, Indocafe, Intercontinental Hotel, INTI, Juiceworks, JLR, Mah Sing Group, Malindo Air, Marigold, Maxis, Maybank, MBO, Mitsubishi Motors, MRCB Land, Offpeak, Petron, Sabah Tourism Board, Samsung, SME Bank, Sprite, SP Setia, Toyota, Universal Traveller, UOB etc

It's harder to name brands I haven't done for, at this point


If you’ve heard at least 5 radio ads in Malaysia, you would have heard my voice at least once!
1 Eng - Character Script, radio commercial
1 Tune Talk VGL English
2 Eng - Deep powerful
2 Maxis iPhone Trade In English Chinaman accent
3 BM - Fast radio commercial
3 Cancer PSA English
4 BM - Deep voice + movie trailer style + high energy
4 English Land Rover Discovery Sport
5 Eng - High energy, TV commercial
5 Mandarin Sample
6 Eng - Formal read, BFM style
6 English Sexy Demo
7 Eng - Relaxed, animation video explainer
8 High Energy Upbeat Jingle Written, produced and sung by myself.
9 Chill Energy Jingle Written, produced and sung by myself.
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