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Tourism Malaysia, Xiomi, TIME Fiber, KFC, Toyota, Amway, Starbucks, BSN, GSC Cinemas, Universal Music, WEBE, Manulife, and many more!


Here are some samples of my VO's & Jingles : )
#1 Malaysia Truly Asia (Tourism Malaysia) Heartfelt, Trustworthy, Malaysian, Passionate
#2 Amway - Oasis Promo Corporate, Deep, Smooth, Suave
#3 Kineticsplay - Exchange TRX (No BGM) Conversational, Friendly, Inviting
#4 IP Server One Pt1 Character, Malaysian, Yuppy
#5 Time Fibre - Malaysia Day Young, Upbeat, Energetic, Happy
#6 Xiomi - Sentimental/Moody Sentimental, Sad, Hopeful
#7 CTC Networks Deep, Sexy, Suave
#8 Vision College Sad, Young, Low-energy
#9 Toyota - Young Adult/Happy Upbeat, Feeel good, Happy,
#10 Astro TV Bumper - Liga Super Football Energetic, Epic, Confident
#11 MRCB - Tutorial Video Warm, Inviting, Engaging
#12 BSN Mandate Sentimental, Deep, Smooth
#13 Announcer - Webe NFCP Young, Engaging
Commercial - British Colonial Narrator Fun, Bright, Over the top, British
Tutorial - Website tutorial Conversational, Young, American Accent, Yuppy
Commercial - IP Server One Pt2 Character, Malaysian, Comical
Cartoon Character - Young Boy Funny, Goofy, Silly
Cartoon Character - Demon/Jinn Rough, Husky
Commercial - Deep, Stylish, Bold
Commercial - Smooth, Stylish, Conversational
Corporate - Pentas Flora Stylish, Pleasant, Bold
Corporate - Manulife Corporate, Bold, Dramatic
Corporate - Terengganu Cycling Team Sentimental, Calm, Peaceful, Nostalgic
Commercial - Fotona (Both Male Voices) Male Character & Male Announcer
Commercial - Starbucks Sexy, Suave
Home Studio Quality Sample
Jingle - Petronas Mesra Malay, Traditional, Happy
Jingle - YES 4G Pop Rock
Jingle - Plus Highway - BM Acoustic Happy
Jingle - Pepsi Pop Rock
Jingle - Adilles Pop
Jingle - Oreo - BM Electro Pop
Jingle - The Chicken Rice Shop Ayam Mala Contemporary, Technical
Jingle - Orea Flavours Electro Pop
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Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s

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