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English Compilation Announcer Commercials Various Delivery
BM Compilation Announcer Commercials Various Bahasa Malaysia Delivery
English Announcer Strong Read AEON
English Announcer Friendly Mc Cafe
English Announcer Hard Read Burger King
English Announcer Playful Conversational Read IPC
English Announcer Professional Read Rakuten Radio
English Announcer Professional Pharmacist Anlene
English Attitude Macho Read Jotun Tough Shield
English Attitude McD
English Attitude Swag Philips
English Character Comedic Asian & Announcer Both Character and Announcer Voices
English Character Comedic Commentator Lalamove
English Character Chinese Old Man Elderly Asian Voice
English Character Conversational Grab
English Corporate Formal Straight Cyberquote
English Corporate Straight Dongguan City
English Corporate Friendly Diamond Creek
English Corporate Warm Macallan
English Energetic High Calpis
English Energetic Strong HSBC
English Energetic Dynamic Subway
English Energetic Excited Sushi King Bonanza
English Energetic Excited Happy Sushi King Rice
English Low Hard CSuite
English Low Gravelly Asian Guiness
English Low Gravelly Vios
English Low Trailer APL Opening
English Narration Conversational PIDM
English Narration Playful Coway Bidet
English Narration Natural Stephen
English Warm Conversational Grab
English Warm Conversational Grabdad
English Warm Friendly BTS Mattress
English Warm Smooth Downy Allure
English Warm Emotive Family
English Warm Emotive LuGlobal
English Warm Smooth Lenovo
BM Announcer Stong AEON
BM Announcer Attitude McD
BM Announcer Cute BNM
BM Announcer Dynamic Coway Bidet
BM Announcer Energetic Rexona
BM Announcer Lively Ensure Gold
BM Announcer Playful Animated LetmeC
BM Announcer Professional Nicorette
BM Character Newscaster Mister Potato
BM Character Funny Phone Call
BM Corporate C-UPM
BM Energetic Happy Coca Cola
BM Energetic Excited F&N
BB Energetic Strong Fitfactor
BM Energetic Announcer Texas Chicken
BM Lively Telco Maxis Home Fibre 4G
BM Lively Telco 2 Maxis One Prime
BM Low Hard Cahaya harapan
BM Low Big Duck
BM Low Announcer Sujamer
BM Low Announcer 2 MSD
BM Low Trailer Triton
BM Training Video Serious Bolawrap
BM Training Video E Pembelajaran
BM Warm Conversational Kesepian
BM Warm Conversational 2 Keluarga
BM Warm Emotive Tembakau
BM Warm Deep MTIB
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Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s

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