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Enfa Bedtime Story Day, (MALAY), Character, Feb20
Lifebuoy Handwash, (MALAY), Character, July20
Lifebuoy 10 on 10, (ENGLISH), Character, Sept20
Lifebuoy Handwash, (ENGLISH), Character, Oct20
Celcom Mega, radio ad, BM, character, Feb21
Hutan Kita, promo video, March21
Ayah by BabyPian, YouTube promo video, character, Feb21
Celcom Max, radio ad, BM, character, Apr21
Cadbury Family Pack, character (dubbing), Apr21 (BM & ENG)
Coway Battery Bidet, character, YouTube instruction video (ENG)
Sepakat Menabur Bakti | CAP BURUH, online, SEP21 (BM)
Sunway Christmas Animation, character, event, Nov21 (ENG)
Nestle Savoury Muffin, SocMed video, Dec21 (ENG)
Nestle Yogurt Pancake, SocMed video, Dec21 (BM)
Nestle Milk Powder Biscuit, SocMed video, Dec21 (ENG)
Skyworth TV, radio ad, Dec21 (ENG)
Digi Connectivity, online ad, Dec21 (ENG & BM)
Cadbury V-day, online ad, Jan22 (ENG)
Dugro Fruit & Veg, online ad, May22 (BM)
Blackmores Koala Kids, May22 (ENG & BM)
IPC MyTown Midsummer, online ad, May22 (ENG)
Oreo Laici Oren, commercial, Jan23 (BM & ENG)
Video Interaktif Sains for MOE (BM) 2022-2023
Dettol (wound), Feb 23 (ENG & BM)
Enfagrow A+ Raya, April 23 (BM)
Audiobook x3 for DBP, May 23 (BM)
Lifebuoy MultiVitamins+, June 23 (ENG & BM)
Panasonic Care+ Washer ad, July 23 (ENG & BM)
Ayer Dahlia promo, July 23 (ENG)
Lifebuoy (vocals), Aug 23 (ENG & BM)
MMX promo video, Aug 23 (ENG)


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone!
I'm so excited to work with you guys! I am 12 years old who loves water and the great outdoors. Do check out my YouTube channel, Zi's Adventures :)
I can record from home as well and homeschooled so my schedule is kinda flexible. Please contact my mum, Nadia at 0199133136 for bookings ya. Can't wait to work with you soon! :)
Enfagrow A+ radio ad April 2023
Sazali Sains - closing Video Intreraktif Sains MOE March 2023
Sazali Sains Video Intreraktif Sains MOE March 2023
Blackmore's Koala Kids May 2022
Skyworth TV (ENG) Radio Ad. Dec 2021
Eggless Nestlé EVERYDAY Milk Powder Biscuit (ENG) Nestle FB. Dec 2021
MAGGI Savoury Muffins (ENG) Nestle FB. Dec 2021
NESTUM Yogurt Pancake (BM) Nestle FB. Dec 2021
Sunway Reindeer 1 November 2021
Sunway Reindeer 2 November 2021
Sunway Reindeer 3 November 2021
Sunway Christmas Reindeer promo November 2021
Cadbury Sharebag (BM) April 2021
Cadbury Sharebag (ENG) April 2021
Celcom Home Fibre (BM) April 2021
Celcom Max - Happy Family (BM) April 2021
Hutan Kita 2021 (BM) March 2021
'AYAH' by BabyPian (BM) Feb 2021
Infomercial sample (ENG) 2021
Commercial Sample (ENG) 2021
PSA sample (ENG) 2021
Lifebuoy 10 on 10 (ENG) After Potty 15 seconds. Sept 2020
Lifebuoy Handwash 15 sec (BM) Zinedinne is as the big brother, July 2020
Lifebuoy Handwash 15 sec (ENG) October 2020
Enfa Bedtime Story (BM) Feb 2020
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