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Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS) / Nirvana / Pos Laju/ U Mobile Sdn Bhd / Harvist / Rakuten Trade Sdn. Bhd./ Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park / Fast Track SBOi Sdn Bhd / Mabecs Malaysia/ Jaya One / H-II Clinic / Osuda / Blowfish Malaysia / DCS Creatives / KHS Locksmith / GF Ghost Kitchen / Jenson Agency Marketing / TankQ /

[TV Commercials / Social Media Ads]
Kool Fever / Eucerin /

[Stage performance as story teller]
The Combine Theatre Zero Class, TARUC Lin Xi Dream Theatre D.revoltion


Feel free to contact me for discussion. Enjoy!
Sports Toto Father's Day Radio ads: Mandarin
Nirvana Chinese Calligraphy Competition Radio ads: Mandarin
Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS) Radio ads: Mandarin, Corporate
Harvist Promotion Radio ads: Mandarin, Energetic Conversation
Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park Radio ads: Mandarin
Osuda Promotion Radio ads: Mandarin
Rakuten Trade Promotion Radio ads: Mandarin, Speed Conversation
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Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s

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