Previous Project / Experience

L'Oreal - 'Gong Li', 'Michelle', SKII - Sammi Cheng, Digi, Hotlink, P1W1Max, Osim,
Oldtown Kopitiam, Nivea, Nestle, KFC, Mcdonald's, Galaxy's concerts, Pantene, ......................................and a lot more


Alladdin (Cantonese) Award winning ad. mood swing from angry to soft to 'manja' kind of delivery fun and catchy!
alphamax (Cantonese) kancil award winning ad over the top delivery
EYS(mandarin) motherly character
Fujiaire (Cantonese) Act as the product 可怜、调皮、盏鬼的演绎方式
Kimgary (Cantonese) Lovely, sweet tone and 'in love' kind of delivery
KRR (mandarin)-mother motherly, conversationally kind of character
may (cantonese) An inner voice acting
Nivea (Mandarin) sweet, soft, girly and vibrant delivery
P1 (cantonese) bossy delivery 霸气、强悍的演绎方式
Panadol (Mandarin) Motherly , love --- kind of delivery
Pantene (mandarin) soft and feminine delivery
Petronas (Cantonese) this is a TVC, do email me if you wish to view the visual with the VO, it will be definitely a different touch by just listening to the VO alone. 深情演绎对父亲的爱惜之情
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