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Representing and supporting professional voice-over artistes in Malaysia working in the recorded media sector.


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Voice Guild Malaysia

The Voice Guild Malaysia is an association of Malaysian voice artistes, with the aim of upholding professional standards as well as working conditions in the voice-over recording industry. Established in 2000 by some of Malaysia’s top voice artistes, the guild has grown to over 150 members canvassing English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese talents of all ages.

This website provides a convenient catalogue of their profiles, serving as a ‘one-stop centre’ to help clients browse and easily select the voice artistes most suitable for their recording requirements. If you are a client, signing up for an account allows you to:

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Professional voice-over artistes require:

  • Excellent pronunciation, enunciation, tonality and clarity
  • The ability to adapt to creative direction
  • Experience in adjusting their voice to a variety of recording conditions

Our members have these qualities and skills. Voice Guild Malaysia ensures that our members are of a professional standard, which often makes the difference between a smooth and relaxed 1-hour session with impressive results, and a 3-hour session with multiple re-records using other talents. Get started by searching Malaysia’s largest database of voice-over artistes here.


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