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I have a full professional recording setup at home, which I used to record most of the samples below. Fast turnaround time.
BM (Home recording) : Variety Young friendly, old fatherly, old school deep radio announcer
Eng VO variety Samples of a wide variety of voices (compilation of some samples below). All VOs recorded, music added, mixed & mastered in my studio
Eng (Home recording) : Excited Announcer : Gravelly, Energetic
Eng (Home recording) : Energetic, Excited Character: Panicked, frantic & Announcer : Upbeat, Friendly
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Friendly Character / Announcer : Radio DJ
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Energetic Character & Announcer : Panic, Friendly
Eng (Home recording): Calm & Relaxed Announcer : Soothing, smooth
BM (Home recording) : Upbeat, Friendly Announcer : Energetic
BM (Home recording) : Excited Announcer : Energetic
BM RAP Eminem style, high energy
BM RAP Young, energetic
BM (Home recording) : Nervous, Excited Character : Cautious to energetic
Eng RAP + SINGING Quick flow, half rap half sing style
Eng RAP + SINGING Laid back, half rap half sing style
Eng (Home recording): Calm & Relaxed Character : AI voice, Jarvis (Ironman)
Eng (Home recording) : Gravelly, calm, old Character: British narrator
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Friendly Character: Young, college guide
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Energetic, Relaxed Character : Chinese accent (both characters) & Announcer: calm, friendly
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Energetic Character: Chinese accent, excited
Eng : Gravelly, Energetic announcer, Chinese accent, Indian accent, Malay accent A few short samples of a wide variety of voices, couldn't help but have fun with it haha
Eng & BM : VOCALS / SINGING Variety of different singing styles & delivery
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Friendly Announcer : Conversational, smiley
Eng (Home recording) : Upbeat, Energetic Character : American gameshow host
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