Previous Project / Experience

Digi Mohon Share - Eng
Dominoes Fabulous Four - Eng
GNC Carnival - Eng

KFC Bucket Berbaloi - What's For Dinner - Eng
Sasbadi Funtastic Series Mobile App - Eng
Fernleaf Calciyum - Eng
Fresh & White Strong Teeth - Eng
JSC Musical Christmas - Eng
Jaya Shopping mall Musical Christmas - Eng

Digi Mother & Father's Day Videos - Eng
Tesco Malaysia - My Tesco My Malaysia - Eng
Panasonic Juicer & Home Shower Video - Eng
Nippon Paint Virus - Kids Touch Wall - Eng
CDC Hands - Eng

Kurnia Insurance - Perfect Rider Plus - Eng
Seven Seas Msia Waterslide - Eng
CIMB Clever Kid - Eng
Adabi Tom Yum - BM
Petrosains Branding - BM, Eng
Tora TVC - BM
Sime Darby Property Lifestyle - My Room - Eng
Colourland Great Outdoor Range - BM
Sogo - Jom Ke Children's World - BM
Carrie Bac Buster TVC - Jingle & VO - BM, Eng
Nestle Everday Lumba Minum Paling Bijak - BM
BSC Kids Carnival - Eng
Dutch Lady Chocogo TVC - BM, Eng
BSC KIds Carnival Private Invasion - Eng
Jolly TVC - BM, Eng

Lorna Whiston 2014 - Eng
UPSR iBuddy Video - Eng
TNB Bapa Hebat TVC - BM
BSC CNY Promo - Eng
Genting School Holiday Promo - Nov, Dec, Mar - Eng
Bridgestone TVC - Eng
Mitsubishi Mega Sale - Eng
Calciyum Mango Mania TVC - Eng, BM
Dutch Lady Hello World TVC - Eng
Enfagrow Water Colour TVC
Sunway Lagoon March School Holiday Promo - Eng
DAIA Nikmati Detik Kewangian - BM
Walls Jersey & Bawal - BM
Calciyum Shaking Tree TVC - BM, Eng
Genius Aulad - Eng
Julie's Max Boy - The Best Of You Campaign - Eng
Wyeth S26 TVC - Eng, BM
Calciyum Mummy & Bol TVC - Eng
Dettol - Eng, BM
Bettadine Throat Gargle TVC - Eng
Munchy's Lexus TVC - BM
Kraft Mini Oreos TVC - BM & Eng
Darlie Enamel Protect Revite TVC - Emergence - Eng
Faber Castell Wonderbox - Jingle & VO TVC - Eng
Subaru Happy - Jingle & VO - Eng
Lotte Koala's Tag On Contest Australia Promo - TVC - Eng
Mitsubushi Roadshow Aug-Sept - Rocket - BM, Eng
Penang Global Tourism - My Penang - Bm, Eng
MYNY Cookies - BM
Mat Kool Promosi Riang Ria Hebat - Jingle & VO - BM, Eng
Aeon back To School Promo Ad - Eng
Mat Kool Butterfly - BM, Eng
Shell TVC - BM, Eng
Maggi Mee kari "Angkasa" - BM
Bayou Lagoon Park Resort - CNY Branding - Eng
AM Bank Golden Family, Deposit For Gold - Eng
HP Printer - Eng
AM Bank Deposit For Gold - Eng


Hello! My name is Amel Qin Amri - I'm 16 years old, and I specialise in VOs

I aspire to be a professional presenter/emcee in any tv/radio/animation shows which involves the English language; and am ever ready for any fun and challenging roles.
I've had 6 years of experience in voice overs for radio, tv and web commercials.
For my profile here, I have updated my recent reads.

I look forward to further expanding my abilities as well as being able to showcase what I have to offer!

Thank you for all your support!

#PS if you are looking for a sibling duo, check out ANYA QIN AMRI (my sister) here!:)
Digi Mohon Share
Dominos Fabulous Four ENG
GNC Carnival ENG
JSC - A Musical Christmas
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