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Petronas/Sunway Malls
Coca Cola/ Unifi/ PLUS/ Milo
Mudah/ U-Mobile/ Mamee
Panadol/ Sensodyne/ Happy Fresh
Coway/ TNB/ Etiqa

Ejen Ali, Ejen Ali The Movie, Upin Ipin/
Pada Zaman Dahulu / Rimba Racer

Hitz Fm/Lite FM/ Mix FM
Traffic Announcer 2013 - 2019


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PETRONAS - Commercial (ENG) Emotive Read
SUNWAY MALLS - Corporate (ENG) Energetic and vibrant Read
LUNO - Commercial (ENG) Smooth and casual read
TNB - Corporate Video (BM) Emotive read
TOYOTA - Commercial (BM) Smooth read for Toyota Camry
OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE - Commercial (BM) Smooth, gravely, soothing
TOYOTA - Commercial (BM) Energetic read for Vios and Yaris commercial
TAYLOR'S UNIVERSITY - Commercial (BM) MCO Raya Commercial
TIME - Character (BM) Character Read as "Badrul"
COWAY - Character (BM) Comedic Narrator read
MAMEE - Character (BM) Character VO for Mamee Monster BIzkids commercial
COCA COLA - Jingle (BM) BM Jingle for TV ad
UNIFI - Jingle (ENG) Jingle for radio ad
SHOPEE - Jingle (BM) Shopee 11.11 Jualan Hebat Promo
HOTLINK - Jingle (BM) BM Rap + Singing for Hotlink Pospaid commercial
PLUS - Jingle (BM) Jingle for PLUS Highway Hotline commercial
THE CHICKEN RICE SHOP - Jingle (BM) Ayam Mubarak Promo 2022
MAT KOOL - Jingle (BM) Mat Kool Jingle

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Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s Kao Raya Promo TVC30s

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