Previous Project / Experience

October 2019 - Ongoing
Final Year Animation Project, ASWARA (character)
- Voice Over for Didi & Friends (Multiple of Characters & Singing)
- Voice Over for Didi & Friends English (Multiple of Characters & Singing)
- Voice Over for Omar & Hana (Sufi & Singing)
- Voice Over for Omar & Hana English (Sufi & Singing)
- Series project for Kids YouTube, BoramTube (Translation and dubbing from Korea to Indonesia)
- Series project for Russia Company, Kids Diana Show (Translation from Russia to Indonesia & Japanese)
- Short 1 episode Fairy Tales under Korea company. (in Japanese)
- Series Project for Kids YouTube, Seoeun's Story (Translation and dubbing from Korea to Indonesia)
- Advertisement Clothing website for United State, (in Japanese & Korean)
- Advertisement Future Video Games for France (in Japanese)
- Advertisement Online Anime Apparel brand for United State (in English+Japanese accent)
- E-Learning project in Japanese language for United States.
- Skin care commercial for Korean YouTube In Indonesia dubbing.
- Series project for Kids YouTube, DonaTV. (Translation and dubbing from Korea to Indonesia)
- Series project for Kids YouTube content, Little Joy. (Translation and dubbing from Korea to Indonesia)
-Gaming project in Japanese from China.
-Short story and singing for contest Kitar Semula for Bayan (DBP)
- E-Learning in Japanese language for China project.
-Commercial for YouTube for Mobile Legends sales on Lazada from Philippines.
-Special project songs for Covid campaign in English from korea.
- Series project for Kids YouTube,Minky Toys & Dolls from Canada. (Dubbing from Englsih to Indonesia)
- Short project Voices Tag In Japanese and English language from Malaysia, Australia, Colombia, United States, Canada, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Belarus, Germany, Netherlands & Morocco.
- Singing Ad for Covid animation from Korean Youtuber.
-Youtube content voice acting for POLYTAKO ANIMATION.
-Promo Tv commercial Didi and Friends
-Asmr anime content for Lucas Hidemi Komori
-Didi & Friends The Movie 2021
-Project with Tadika KEMAS for e-learning musical.
-Games Project Sound effect from Canada



Malay / BM English



Voice Categories



Hi lovelies! Thank you for checking out my page! Hope you find something that might caught your interest ;)
Brand Apparel Commercial-English+Japanese
English animation audition_JUJU
Juju_animation in Malay
Selamat hari raya for facebook AD
Brand Apparel Commercial-Korean+English
Jam besar-Didi & Friends
Puteri & gergasi-Didi & friends(sofi the rabbit)
Sample short series in Japanese
Sample short series-Japanese
Sayangi Anak Yatim (sufi)- Omar & Hana
Senam Pagi-Guide song for Didi & Friends
Slick slime sam Japanese-Audition for series
Tik Tok-Didi & Friends
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